Florence celebrates Danted

On the day of Dantedì, the national day dedicated to Dante Alighieri (25 March, a date that scholars recognize as the beginning of the journey into the afterlife of the Divine Comedy), the...


A Spasso per Firenze

“A spasso per Firenze con Marino Marini”

“A spasso per Firenze con Marino Marini” è il progetto realizzato dall’associazione SciogliLibro con la collaborazione del Museo Marino Marini e il contributo dell’assessorato al Turismo, per...


Mezz'ora d'arte

Half an hour of art: new appointments

With “half an hour of art” you can enter, at least virtually, inside Palazzo Vecchio and thus discover its curiosities and secrets. The Civic Museums of Florence and MUS.E offer you a series of...


JR Palazzo Strozzi

The wound by JR changes the façade of Palazzo Strozzi

From March 19th to August 22nd, 2021, the façade of Palazzo Strozzi will change its “face” through the site-specific installation by JR, one of the best known contemporary artists in the world. The...


sospensione servizio

Firenzecard: suspension of service

Please note that the Firenzecard circuit has not yet been reactivated: the Firenzecard, at the moment, cannot be used for access to museums. The information is constantly updated, continue to follow...