Firenzecard Restart

Enjoy Florence. Longer.

Add 48 hours to visit the museums of the Firenzecard Circuit



  • 72 hours from your first entrance to visit the cultural heritage of Florence and metropolitan area
  • Exhibitions and reservations included
  • Entrance free of charge for people under 18 years old, part of the family of the card holder



  • 72 hours to use public means of transportation
  • Exclusive museum guide
  • Target sale offers

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Firenzecard is the official museum pass of the city of Florence.

Starting from April 26, 2021, museums and places of culture can reopen, in accordance with the provisions of the Reopening Decree. Each museum will reopen, in compliance with the safety regulations and with its own times and rules. At this moment, the Firenzecard Circuit has not yet been reactivated in order to allow the completion of the reopening plan of the participating museums and sites, and the Firenzecard cannot be used for access to the museums.

The card can be purchased for 85€, is valid from 72 hours from the first time it is used and gives you one admission to each of the Circuit Museums to visit permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, without any extra fee.


Discover Firenzecard Restart

With Restart, you can add 48 hours to your Firenzecard after it expires to visit the museums that you missed out.

Remember that you have one year to activate Restart from the purchase of your Firenzecard.

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