What does Firenzecard include?

Firenzecard includes in its price the ticket for entrance, the surcharge for exhibitions and the reservation with priority access for all the museums in the Firenzecard Circuit.

What does Firenzecard+ include?

Firenzecard+ includes: free access to the city’s public transport (Ataf&Linea buses and tram) for 3 days, until midnight of the third day, for the cardholder and European Union children in the immediate family under 18; free access to the Firenze WiFi network for 3 days; 1 complete Museum Guidebook; 1 exclusive Firenzecard+ bag; special offers.

For how long is Firenzecard valid?

Firenzecard is valid for 72 hours from its activation, which starts from the first entrance into a Firenzecard museum.

Does the validity of the Firenzecard start at the moment of purchase?

No, the Firenzecard is activated when you use it for the first time in a museum and its validity is totally independent of the date of its purchase.

Do I need to make reservations for the museums with Firenzecard?

You don't need to make any reservations with Firenzecard,except for the Dome (Cupola). For the Dome (Cupola)the booking is required - you have to make it at the ticket office in piazza San Giovanni 7/r after the collection of the free ticket. Firenzecard lets you visit the museums when you want to and you enter directly into the museums through the reserved entrances. Just go to the priority access following the “Firenzecard” signs and show your card to the staff of the museums.

Which museums can I visit with Firenzecard?

The Firenzecard circuit includes 72 museums. Click here for the complete list.

Are the museums of the circuit always open?

Almost all the museums have a scheduled day of closure, which may be for one or more days during the week. The closing days vary from museum to museum. The validity of the card cannot be extended even if one of the days of closure falls within the period of validity of your card.

Can I use the Firenzecard whenever I want?

The Firenzecard can be used only once in each museum of the Circuit.

Can I lend someone my Firenzecard?

No, Firenzecard is strictly for personal use and is not transferable. Before its first use it is personalised by writing your full name in the specific space.

Can I give Firenzecard as a present?

Yes, you can. If you purchase the Firenzecard at a sale point in Florence, the person who will use it just has to write his or her full name in the specific area. If you prefer to buy the Firenzecard online, just enter the data of the Card's beneficiary in the fields of the online form, filling in the areas of the form as they appear on the screen – you can directly enter his/her e-mail address, so that he/she can receive the voucher directly by email – and inserting your own data as required in the final field for payment.

Does Firenzecard include the city public transport and the shuttle bus from and to the airport?

No, Firenzecard doesn't include the city’s public transport and the shuttle bus Volainbus from and to the Florence airport.

How does Firenzecard+ work to use the city’s public transport free of charge?

To use the city’s public transport free of charge you have to: write your Firenzecard number in the specific blank space of your Firenzecard+; validate your Firenzecard+ when you use the city’s public transport for the first time; keep your Firenzecard+ intact until the expiration time and show it to the controller on demand with a valid ID.

Do people under 18 years of age need to buy the Firenzecard?

People under 18 years of age, who are European Union citizens and members of the same immediate family of the Firenzecard holder, have free access to the museums. For people under 18 years of age who are not European Union citizens and/or not members of the same immediate family of the Firenzecard holder, they can: 1) buy a Firenzecard 2) enter the museums through the priority access with their parents who are Firenzecard holders. After that: - collect the free ticket to visit the civic museums (Palazzo Vecchio, Cappella Brancacci, Museo Bardini, etc.) directly at the Firenzecard entrances; - collect the free ticket and buy a reservation to visit the state museums – that are paid directly at the Firenzecard reserved access entrances (price € 4.00 for the Uffizi Gallery and € 4.00 for the Accademia Gallery); - collect the free ticket/purchase a reduced/full ticket to visit the other museums, according to the various museum admission rules.

How much does Firenzecard cost?

Firenzecard costs € 72.00 per person. The price of Firenzecard is the same, whether it is purchased online or at a sale point.

How much does Firenzecard+ cost?

Firenzecard+ costs € 5.00 per person. The price of Firenzecard+ is the same, whether it is bought online or at a sale point.

How can I purchase Firenzecard?

Firenzecard can be purchased: online on www.firenzecard.it; at one of the authorized points of sale in Florence. The price of Firenzecard is the same, whether it is bought online or in Florence.

How can I purchase Firenzecard+?

Firenzecard+ can be purchased: online on www.firenzecard.it at the same time of purchasing your Firenzecard and only if you buy a Firenzecard; at the Info Point Cavour with credit/debit card only; at the Info Point Stazione. The price of Firenzecard+ is the same, whether it is bought online or in Florence.

Where can I purchase Firenzecard in Florence?

Below you can find the list of museum ticket offices and tourist information centres where you can buy the card:
  • Cappella Brancacci – piazza del Carmine 14
  • Complesso di Santa Maria Novella – piazza Stazione 4
  • Galleria degli Uffizi - Porta 2 – piazzale degli Uffizi
  • Museo di Palazzo Vecchio – piazza Signoria
  • Museo Nazionale del Bargello – via del Proconsolo 4
  • Museo Stefano Bardini - via dei Renai 37
  • Palazzo Pitti – piazza Pitti 1
  • Palazzo Strozzi – piazza Strozzi
  • InfoPoint Turistico Stazione - piazza Stazione 4
  • InfoPoint Turistico Cavour – via Cavour 1r

Can the Firenzecard be shipped by mail if I purchase it online?

No, it isn’t possible to receive the Firenzecard by mail. The Firenzecard purchased online must be picked up at one of the pick-up points in the city. You can consult the list of the pick-up points on our website. You will need to bring the Voucher received by email at the time of purchase and a valid ID with you to pick up your Firenzecard.

Is a group rate available?

No. Firenzecard is aimed principally at single tourists or small groups and at this moment there is not a different rate than the full € 72 nor is there a special card for groups.

Is admission guaranteed for large groups with Firenzecard?

The access in some museums may be conditioned by the amount of people present at the time. So for groups larger than 10 people, in cases of large crowds, it might be necessary to divide the group.

Is a free Firenzecard available for people with disabilities and their caregiver?

The admission into most of the museums of the Firenzecard Circuit is free for people with disabilities and their caregiver and they have a priority access. So there is not a special card for them. Firenzecard exists only in a full rate version. It is important to note that the person with disabilities must however bring and show the museum staff the medical certificate that testifies the disability. Only then he/she will be able to have free access and avoid waiting in line. We suggest that people with disabilities contact the museums that they want to visit.

Are Firenzecard reduced rates available for people under 18, students and people over 65?

No. Firenzecard at the moment only has a single rate, the full price. There are no discounts and/or reduced rates available. So we suggest you consult the website of each museum that you’re interested in visiting to see if any free or discounted entrances are available.

What are the special offers for the Firenzecard+ holders?

With Firenzecard+ you can enjoy special services, offers and discounts. Please consult the “Partners” page of our website to see all the special offers. It's easy to find our partners: the Firenzecard+ partners exhibit our exclusive symbol at their entrance.

How do I connect to the Firenze Wifi network with Firenzecard+?

Turn on the wi-fi on your smartphone and start the search. Find and select the Firenze wifi network; click on access with Firenzecard and insert your password - you will find it under the barcode on your Firenzecard+; in case there is no login prompt, after you have selected the network, open your internet browser and try to search: a login page will appear; insert your password and at this point you should be connected. We suggest you to be near the dedicated hotspots to obtain the best network coverage. For further information and/or technical and connection problems write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How far in advance should I purchase my Firenzecard online?

You can purchase the Firenzecard at any moment, but remember that if you buy the card online, you have to pick it up within 12 months from the purchase at one of the pick-up points in Florence. After the stated terms of 12 months you will not be able to pick up the card and the purchase cannot be refunded.

What documents do I need to pick up the Firenzecard in case of online purchase?

You need to bring the Voucher received by email at the time of purchase and a valid ID to be able to pick up the Firenzecard. If you wish that another person gets your Firenzecard for you, you have to give him/her a written delegation signed by you and a copy of your valid ID, which will be checked at the pick-up point.

Can I have my Firenzecard reissued in case of loss or theft?

No, in these cases, Firenzecard can't be substituted. So we recommend that you to take good care of your card and be careful so as not to damage or lose it.

When can the Firenzecard be reissued?

Firenzecard can be reissued only if it doesn't work correctly and it has not yet been personalised, damaged or used.

Can I get a refund for the Firenzecard?

The customer has the right to withdraw from the sales agreement within 10 working days of the purchase, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 64 of the Italian Legislative Decree n. 206/2005. The purchase is not refundable after these stated terms. The refund of the online purchase is not allowed in case of it not being picked up or if it is picked up by the user after the stated term of 12 months. The customer has the right to withdraw from the sales agreement within the stated terms if and only if the Firenzecard has not yet been activated or personalised with the writing of the name/surname and if and only if the user returns it intact with its kit and all its items and receipt of the purchase of the same. If the customer uses some service related to the Firenzecard, the right to obtain a refund is lost.