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Museo del Calcio
Museo del Calcio

The Soccer Museum, within the area of the Federal Technical Center of Coverciano, preserves the heirlooms of the World Championships in 1934, 1938 and in 1982, of the Olympic Games in 1936, of the European Championship in 1968 and of the World Championship in 2006, as well as the heirlooms of the almost successes in 1970, '78,’90,’94. An entire section is dedicated to the history of the Italian Soccer Federation, from its foundation in 1898 up to the present day. The exposed material wants to pass on the time the deeds of the great champions and the most significant events. The Museum enlarges upon an area of about 800 square meters, with a large and multifunction room and an outdoor area for children, and has a store of gadgets and a very rich and specialized bookstore, that ships books on demand all over the world.

Open From 09:00 To 13:00
Except Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Open From 15:00 To 19:00
Closed Sunday
In these days domenica dal 1° al 30 Novembre 2019 / Sunday on November 2019 from 1st to 30th will be open From 10:00 To 17:00
Notes:Required reservation for groups.