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Fondazione Salvatore Romano
Fondazione Salvatore Romano

The museum is situated in the old refectory of the convent, erected by Augustinian hermit friars next to the church of Santo Spirito. Its former function is recalled by the imposing fourteenth-century fresco by Andrea Orcagna and assistants that decorates the whole eastern wall, with fragments of a Last Supper at the bottom and a superb Crucifixion on top. The museum houses the works donated to the Florence City Council in 1946 by the collector and antiquarian from Campania, Salvatore Romano. The bequest comprises a prized collection of sculptures, fragments of architectural decorations, detached frescoes and furnishings from various places and times, from ancient Rome to the seventeenth century.

Open From 10:00 To 17:00
Except Sunday Open From 13:00 To 17:00
Closed Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Notes:The last entry is half an hour before closing time