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Basilica San Lorenzo
Basilica San Lorenzo

The origins of San Lorenzo coincide with the origins of the Christian Community in Florence. According to the tradition, the early Basilica, which was the oldest Florentin Cathedral, was consecrated by St. Ambrogio in 393 and it was dedicated to the martyr Lorenzo. The Basilica, that we see today, is the result of the radical renovation started in 1418 by Giovanni di Bicci, founder of the Medici's family. Since then San Lorenzo has linked its history to that of the Medici's dynasty. The complex retains the fundamental evidence of Brunelleschi, Donatello, Michelangelo, manuscripts, works of sacred jewelry, paintings by Four to the twentieth century, and articulates with the Basilica, the Old Sacristy and the Museum of the Treasury, in the Chapel of the Princes with the New Sacristy and the Museum and in the Laurentian Library.

Open From 10:00 To 17:30
Closed Sunday
Notes:The last entrance is half an hour before closing time.