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Museo Stibbert
Museo Stibbert

The Stibbert Museum is one of the most fascinating and unexpected places in Florence. In a house-museum built by Frederick Stibbert (1838-1906, born of an English family but in Florence), it preserves with a scenographic outfitting the exceptional collections left by him to the city: not only a famous collection of arms, but also art and daily life objects from the European, Islamic and Fareast civilisations, in particular Japanese civilisation. The villa on the Florentine hillsides was transformed by Stibbert into a neo-Gothic castle, with large rooms used to house the collections in spectacular form: the European, Islamic and Japanese armouries show groups of completely armed warriors. The paintings gallery presents armed and in costume portraits, but also great works of Botticelli, Crivelli, Bronzino, Suttermans, Allori, etc. Another wing of the building accommodates the luxurious private apartments, furnished and decorated according to the 19th century criteria, that assigned to every room the commemoration of a style: neo-renaissance for the ball room, rococo for the lounge rooms, empire for the bedrooms. The same eclectic taste, the same curiosity for the past and for the exotic characterises the park, with woods, pavilions, statues, fake ruins and a small neo-Egyptian temple.  

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Notes:Tour guide for groups every hour The last entry is half an hour before closing time