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Scavi del Teatro Romano di Firenze-Palazzo Vecchio

Archaeological excavations underneath Palazzo Vecchio have made it possible to bring to light the remains of some of the parts of the Roman Theatre of Florentia. The first structure of the theatre could date back to the colonial era of the city; the enlargement of the theatre is part, probably, of the grand renovation of the city made in the Imperial period (late 1st-early 2nd centuries A.D.). The theatre of Florentia, as far as is possible to establish on the basis of the archaeological remains, had to be a relatively big theatre, capable of seating 8,000 – 10,000 spectators. Indeed, its remains cover a vast portion of land under Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Gondi, with the auditorium (cavea) facing Piazza della Signoria and the 'scena' or stage along the Via dei Leoni.
Friday 10th of October it will be closed from 2 pm for all day

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