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Museo dell'Opificio delle Pietre Dure

The museum collects works in polychrome marble and semiprecious stones, paintings on stones, oil paintings and stone work tools. The works are displayed in chronological order, which goes from the early seventeenth century until the eighties of the eighteenth century, when the production of works made with semiprecious stones ended and the restoration of what is today the modern Workshop started. In 1588 the Grand Duke Ferdinando I organized the grand ducal workshops in a wing of the Uffizi for personnel specialized in the treatment of rare and precious stones, used to decorate of the Chapel of the Princes, which was about to be built. In 1769 Pietro Leopoldo transferred the factory to the current premises.
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From Monday to Saturday 8.15 - 14.00
Closed on Sunday and all holidays

The last entry is half an hour before closing time
Days with free admission on 2019: on March from 5 to 10 (Museums Week), 29th of April, 2nd and 31st of May, 12nd and 21stof June, 30th of July, 3rd of September, 4th of November.
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