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Museo Marino Marini
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The Marino Marini Museum was started from the joint wish of Marino and Marina Marini, who at the end of the Seventies of last century identified the Church of San Pancrazio as the ideal place to which attach the substantial donation of works that the artist, just before dying, had made to the city of Florence. The renovation of the church, recovered after centuries and intended as public function, was the work of the architects Lorenzo Papi and Bruno Sacchi who were able to interpret skilfully the ideas of Marina, as she had many times stressed, creating an outfitting conceived to the image of that world that was so fascinating to Marino Marini, one of the most significant characters of the figurative culture on the twentieth century. Ample and luminous spaces, multiple point of views permit a complete reading of the work of the artist, highlighting the themes of which he was most fond, from the Knights to the Pomona, from the Miracles to the Jugglers, to the Dancers and naturally to the portraits.  
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Saturday, Sunday and Monday 10.00-19.00.
Closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; January 1st, January 6th, Sunday and Monday Easter, April 25th, May 1st, June 2nd, June 24th, November 1st December 8th, December 25th.
The last entry is half an hour before closing time.

The access to the Rucellai Chapel is allowed by guided tour only at the following times: 11 – 12 – 15 – 16.

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