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Museo di Storia Naturale, Sezione di Geologia e Paleontologia
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Through a particular outfitting, the Museum illustrates the history of palaeontology in Italy and the story of Life on Earth. A ion of fossil invertebrates from the various geological eras ranges from the stromatolites of the Precambrian era (700 million years ago) to Pliocene molluscs. An impressive collection of fossil skeletons of mammals from Tuscany makes for a fascinating visit to the main gallery. Then come the Proboscides – including a mastodon, with long tusks and a squat body and an adult specimen four metres high (nicknamed "Pietro"), both from the Upper Valley of the Arno. The hominid Oreopithecus bambolii, a Miocene primate (8–9 million years ago) endemic to Tuscany's Maremma area, is the only example in the entire world.
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From September 1st to June 30th
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 09.00–17.00
From July 1st to August 31st
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 09.00–17.00; Friday, Saturday and Sunday 09.00-13.00.
Closed Monday;January 1st, Easter, May 1st, August 15th, December 25th
Required reservation for groups bigger than 10 people (tel. 055 2756444)

The last entry is half an hour before closing time
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