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Fondazione Primo Conti
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The Museum showcases sixty-three paintings and one hundred sixty-three drawings by the Florentine artist. These works trace his career from 1911, the year of the artistic beginnings, to 1985. Through his works, the museum allows you to study the development of the twentieth-century artistic events in Italy and in Europe, of which the Master took the lifeblood. The museum path displays the progression from his early studies on the human form to his early interest in “Fauve” art, the forerunner to the brilliant Futurist season. Conti was able to interpret the most vivid and fruitful moods of Futurism, creating a fresh, anti-academic and richly poetic painting. Ever-youthful and ready to question his expressive results, Conti was an artist who anticipated and lived to the full the artistic and literary spirit of his time. Accordingly the last years of his life were characterized by a vivid and lyrical painting.
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From Monday to Friday 9.00-14.00.

Closed Saturday, Sunday; January 1st, January 6th, Easter Sunday and Monday, April 25th, May 1st, June 2nd, from August 10th to September 1st, November 1st, December 8th, December 25th-26th, December 31st.
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