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You are viewing this page because  Firenze smart (Silfispa) is responsible for the technical management of the cookies of this website.
We use cookies to render our site easier to browse and user-friendly. 
Cookies are small portions of data that the web server provides to the user’s browsing device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) to allow using our services. Moreover, the information generated by using cookies allows us to optimise the pages and our technical infrastructures, thus improving website browsing.
Our site does not produce profiling cookies directly, meaning those cookies that create user’s profiles and are used to send advertising messages according to the user’s preferences expressed through his browsing choices.
However, our site may contain third party’s links, services, images or multimedia components that may generate cookies, over which we do not boast direct control.

The types of cookies we use

Technical cookies
Technical cookies have only the purpose to ensure communication between the user and the site online, in the measure strictly required to ensure the best possible quality of our service.
The cookies generated directly by our site collect data which is stored on servers located in Italy. Data related to cookies are exclusively managed within our site and are not transferred to third parties.
In particular, the technical cookies managed by our site, as single information or aggregated data, can be used in three ways:
To generate the site’s web pages: these cookies are essential to browse the entire site and use its functions to the fullest; e.g. they allow accessing areas reserved to registered users, registering to the site, login, using the e-cart and relative online payment form, etc. It is not possible to display a page and use other necessary services without these cookies.
To analyse and manage the site functions: these cookies collect information on how users use a website, detecting for example which are the most visited pages and if error messages were generated by web pages but they do not collect information that identifies the visitor. All information collected through these cookies is aggregated, thus anonymous. The scope is to improve the functioning of a website and visitors’ browsing experience.
To manage and analyse functions: this type of cookies allows remembering the choices made by the user on our site to provide personalised functions. For example, they allow remembering the changes made to the text size. They can also be used to supply services requested by the user as watching a video or comments on a blog. The information collected by these types of cookies is anonymous and cannot be used to monitor your browsing activity on other websites.

Non-technical cookies and third-party services

Third party’s services and links are also present on the site, for example YouTube and Facebook buttons, which may install cookies in the user’s electronic devices when clicked.
Please note that this cookie policy does not concern links present on the site that direct to third party’s websites. Therefore, please read the privacy policies contained on other browsed website, by clicking on the links displayed further on.

For additional information concerning contents provided by third parties and present on our site (links, images, multimedia components, etc.), read the following paragraphs carefully.
We wish to underscore that Firenze smart (Silfispa) (herein after “website editor”) does not receive any information from the relative providers or licensees of third party’s services referring to data potentially collected by the same. In some cases, only aggregate, hence anonymous statistics will be provided, required exclusively to invoice third party’s services purchased by us.

YouTube button and social network widgets
The site contains videos, buttons and other social network widgets of YouTube service provided by YouTube LLC. These components may use cookies generated directly by the servers of YouTube and its partners. In quality of website editors, we are not able to provide suitable information on the use of cookies by the service provider/licensee. For additional information we recommend you to visit  the following link: 

Facebook and Instagram social buttons and widgets
The website contains buttons and widgets to share contents on Facebook and Instagram social networks, Meta Platforms Ireland Limited. These components may use cookies generated directly by the servers of Facebook, Instagram and their partners. In quality of website editors, we are not able to provide suitable information on the use of cookies by the service provider/licensee. For additional information we recommend you to visit  the following link: (Language option at the bottom of the page).

Web Analytics Italy
To optimize the information and services offered, the site uses the analytics service provided by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID), which allows you to track and analyze the behavior of online users with regard to times, geographical location and behavior on the site. For additional information we recommend you to visit  the following link:

Google Maps
The display of geographic maps is provided by the Google Maps service. For additional information we recommend you to visit  the following link:

Denying consent: disabling cookies
It is currently not possible to disable our technical cookies selectively.
It is only possible to disable them completely. With regards to third party’s cookies, please refer to the links provided in the previous paragraphs for selective disabling, where possible.
If you wish to deny your consent to install the cookies generated by our site, you can personalise the settings of your computer or device by setting up, if foreseen, the deletion of all cookies or by activating a warning message when cookies are stored.
Visit website for additional information on cookies, how they affect your browsing experience and how to disable third party’s cookies.
Please remember that if you disable the cookies, you may not be able to use some or all functions or sections of the site. Firenze smart (Silfispa) will not be responsible for the damages suffered by the user, among which data or financial losses caused by malfunctioning linked to the denial of the consent to use the cookies originated by our site and/or our partners’ sites.

How to manage the cookies on your PC
To manage cookies, please refer to the sites of the browsers’ developers as these change constantly according to the version of the installed software, in particular:

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Accepting to install cookies
By using our site without modifying the configurations concerning the deactivation of cookies on your browser, the user accepts that all cookies including third party’s cookies may be installed on his device.

Amendments to the cookie policy
The cookie policy is reviewed periodically to be always up-to-date. The cookie policy was last updated on 16.09.2022.

How to contact the company to request information
For potential requests or questions concerning the cookie or privacy policy, please contact our staff: