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Museo di Storia Naturale, Orto Botanico
Museo di Storia Naturale, Orto Botanico

The Botanic Garden, laid out as a garden of medicinal plants (the 'Semplici') in 1545, is one of the oldest in the world. It occupies an area of over two hectares, in a complex of themed beds and exhibitions, some of which are multi–sensory, tactile and olfactory for the visually impaired. We find various elements and between them there is a glasshouse of aquatic plants; a hothouse with plants illustrating cultural and ethno–botanical traditions in various countries worldwide; beds for medicative and poisonous plants and for food plants; an oriental garden, a secret and an Italian garden; an unheated glasshouse is used for overwintering cicadas, citrus plants, palms and around 850 specimens belonging to 28 succulents' families. The evolution of various taxa of vascular plants is shown with numerous living fossils (cicadas, ferns, equisetum and some conifers). There are between the 220 trees 5 monumental trees, including a yew from 1720 and a cork oak from 1805.

Open From 10:00 To 16:00
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Notes:The last entry is half an hour before closing time