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Museo Horne
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The Horne Foundation Museum grew out of a legacy from the English collector Herbert Percy Horne (London 1864 - Florence 1916) and it contains a precious collection of works of art that, together with the building housing them, were donated to the Italian State to studies' benefit. The Museum is a refined treasure trove of masterpieces of painting and sculpture – from Giotto to Simone Martini, from Masaccio to Filippino Lippi, from Domenico Beccafumi to Giambologna – as well as a stately home whose furnishings are a rich collection of applied art: ceramics, the goldsmith's art, furniture, seals, textiles and domestic furnishings, dating from the 14th to 16th centuries. On the second floor is the only room furnished by Horne himself, housing his library of about 5000 volumes and a collection of illuminated codices, manuscripts, incunabula and 16th century editions.
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From Monday to Sunday 10.00- 14.00
Closed on Wednesday and holidays.
Please call the telephone number +39 055 244661 or write at for extraordinary openings.
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