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Museo di Storia Naturale, Sezione di Zoologia La Specola
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Opened to the public in 1775, La Specola contains some extremely rich zoological collections. Of particular interest is the Hall of Ungulates and Carnivores, where numerous species of antelopes, the rare okapi (the elegant antelope giraffe) and a splendid example of white rhinoceros can be admired inside the big display case of the African herbivores. The rooms dedicated to birds are thrilling with their countless forms and colours. Amongst the Reptiles and Amphibians can be seen the tiny poisonous frogs of South America, strange reptiles, two giant turtles of Galápagos and a huge specimen of reticulated python. Between many crocodiles stands out a mummy of a crocodile from the Nile, discovered in an Egyptian tomb. It's also possible admire the extraordinary collection of wax anatomical models from the late 17th to the early 19th centuries, which explain the whole human body in detail, much better than any book.
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